Fantasy Clip Inks: Spot Art Set 13

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Spot Art Set 13 illustrated by William McAusland product number: OLASA-13

Bring your heroes to life! Fantasy Clip Inks, published by Outland Arts, has one goal: bring you heroic role playing illustration. Created by industry veteran William McAusland, this series provides professional-quality illustration at affordable prices.

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Within this pack of 26, high quality, press ready 300 dpi tiffs you will find the following images:

Sorceress with staff
Sorceress preparing spell
Wizard at his study
Wooden Walled town, birds eye view
Banner with skull post
Skull Compass Rose
Horse Logger in snow
Distant hill fort
Thief pick pocketing a Merchant
Thief emerging from trap door and finding the treasure chest
Pile of Magic Items|
Succubus detail, front facing
Succubus Detail side view
Horned demon skull
Kobold with axe
Kobold with shield and axe
Ogre on the prowl
Owl Bear
Wizard in Pointy Hat Portrait

These spot images can be modified to suit the publisher’s needs. Some suggested uses are player handouts, ornaments for maps, chapter ending icons, magic items, new monsters, treasure items, NPCs and filler art to add a classical and creative look to any novel, game or web page.

William McAusland has been a professional artist for well over two decades. His fantasy work has graced of publications from Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Goodman Games and Kenzer & Company. Fans of the Dungeon Crawl Classics series will recognize his classic D&D style work. McAusland is also the author and artist behind The Mutant Epoch RPG found at

License Image Use Requirements & Limitations: These images can be used in both print and web based applications within the body of a text, as a cover, as part of an advertisement, CD cover, logo, or even a T-shirt or poster bearing the customer’s logo or advertising text. They cannot be used in coloring books. The art may be cropped, colored, reduced or enlarged, flipped, distorted or otherwise modified. The Artist’s initial or signature need not show up in the final published work, however in the credits of any product, the statement: ‘Some artwork copyright William McAusland, used with permission.’ must be shown.

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Twenty six 300 dpi press ready grayscale tiffs

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Fantasy Clip Inks: Spot Art Set 13

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